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Coaching & Consulting
Coaching for Providers to enhance their understanding of the billing process as well as identifying areas of improvement in scheduling and coding.
Cashflow Management Tools
Cairn Software allows eCashiering / eCommerce / Pre-Adjudication or Estimates and Eligibility. Fast Navigation between companies and patient payment processing.

A one stop platform for all payment transactions that offers Admin Control and oversight of all staff. Ease of use with fast and accurate reports on payment trends: Amounts Collected (Daily, Monthly & Yearly) as well as future set payment plans.
Billing Services: include daily auditing of practice workflow and all charges posted within 24 hours of receipt. We have a Certified Coding Professional (CPC) on site for correct coding verification.

Claims Processing: Claims are processed daily with denial management completed daily.

Patient Billing: Monthly statements are sent for patient due balances. Our Customer Care call center is located in our home office in Macon, GA Monday through Friday. We provide professional in-house payment recovery without third party intervention.

Follow Up team works all outstanding Insurance AR with our goal to have 95% in the Current and 30 Day column and the 120 delinquent less than 5%.
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